Yesterday I posted about Justin Timberlake, Trolls, and Can’t Stop The Feeling, whether or not the song would be his Oscar. And then a reader called Stefanie wrote to remind me that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing the music for Disney’s Moana, opening in November, just a couple of weeks after Trolls. So it’s Dreamworks vs Disney. Justin Timberlake vs Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Justin Timberlake vs Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is too gracious and too classy to get petty and trifle with any competition involving JT. Yeah. But I’m not. As you know, Hamilton is, well, it’s the sh-t. And there is no doubt that Hamilton is dominating Broadway and will dominate the Tonys. But will that cross over to movies? Will those old ass members of the Oscar Academy vote for Lin-Manuel over Justin Timberlake? Remember, JT is managed by Rick Yorn, who also manages Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon. There’s a Hollywood network in play here.

But that would be sweet, wouldn’t it? If Lin-Manual Miranda could take out Justin Timberlake? Here’s Miranda last night in New York. Currently Duana is freaking out about this post over at Vulture because it’s like all her worlds are colliding. Duana wrote for Degrassi and is obsessed with Hamilton. And Miranda is obsessed with Degrassi. And this just means that Duana and Lin-Manual Miranda are meant to be best friends.