How did I miss these pictures of Linda Evangelista at the CFDA Awards the other night? Because I’m a stupid c-nt, that’s why. For making Linda wait a day. I’m sorry. She is still my everything, even though that dress is all kinds of knock-off.

Page Six is reporting today that Linda and her billionaire boyfriend Peter Morton, father of Harry Morton, who once dated Lindsay Lohan and maybe dated Demi Moore, have broken up.

Linda and Morton started their relationship in 2006. At the time, she was carrying Francois Henri-Pinault’s child. The one she sued him over, and won. Apparently she banks like $50K from him every month now in child support after taking him to court. Hey, whatever. If his other kids are living the same life, why shouldn’t Augustin?

Seems like Linda exclusively dates mega mega rich dudes and they don’t even have to be hot. You know who’s a billionaire and hot at the same time? Vladimir Doronin, Naomi Campbell’s ex, now supposedly hooking up with Luo Zilin, Naomi’s protégée.


If Vlad moved on from Naomi off Zilin and onto to Linda?

Gossip Genie that sh-t right now.