’s how Lindsay Lohan looked last night at the AMFAR Gala in New York. Remember, she is only 25 years old. And apparently still wants to play Victoria Gotti even though that sh-t was shut down a long time ago.

You know, there was a time when her hair, it wasn’t such a cheap mess, even her extensions. Is that what happens? As your star fades, so does your stylist? She goes to the same salon that many of the others do. I wonder though if they refuse to book her with the senior staff now, if Lindsay Lohan gets a “trainee”.  Hilarious, right?

It’s just that... if making great hair is your profession, would you ever want your work to be represented by Lindsay Lohan? Sometimes you can’t control the preferences of your client, sure. But you do have a say in what clients you want.

Lindsay Lohan is only 25 and can’t go back. Has it registered yet when she looks in the mirror? That THIS is what’s become of it and that she’ll never be able to reclaim the lovely, so pretty face she used to have? It doesn’t matter if there are people in the industry who want to help her. There are only so many roles she’s right for now. And they certainly aren’t the roles she thinks she deserves. The kind of roles she goes to parties to beg people for.  

I hear that’s how it works. She’s That Girl at the event. The one who stumbles in and everyone scrambles  to avoid it. Sometimes though, some people can’t run away fast enough. Poor Woody Allen.