Not that any/many of you care but...

Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Perry are dating.

While browsing through photos from events last night, I noticed Perry showed up to the HBO premiere of Eastbound & Down Season 3 which made me curious about why and a quick google search revealed that he’s with Lizzy Caplan who, yes, indeed, was also there, though she chose to pose with her Party Down friend Adam Scott.

So then I emailed Duana: lizzy caplan is dating matthew perry? why didn't I know this???

And she replied: I didn't know that either. I mean....what?

Ok so two people care. Does anyone else?

Lizzy Caplan is about to do things, you know? She was just cast opposite Michael Sheen in the Masters of Sex pilot, she’s got all kinds of independent sh-t going on, she’s connected to all the right people, and Matthew Perry, well, he’s not...anymore.

Wait for it...

Someone’s about to drop some Casper Smart on my ass: Love doesn’t know Stature and is unaffected by Success. Love is Love. Time is Precious. Spend your time Loving.

First of all, why are you coming to me with Casper Smart, and second, it’s a beautiful idea, really it is, but if you think that holds up in the real world, let alone Hollywood, populated by the narcissistic and insecure actors, pretty much a pre-requisite for the profession, well, you probably won’t be accepted into the Faculty of Celebrity Studies is what I’m saying.

And still, as Duana pointed out, how does he get all these women? Even now? I wonder if it’s because they think they can rescue him. After all, Matthew Perry is so that guy.