Way back in 2012, Dean’s first post was about… well… Mimi of course. And, specifically, it was about how Mimi has basically trademarked Christmas. Like it BELONGS to her. Click here to read the rules of a Mimi Christmas.

So why did it take this long for a Mimi Christmas movie to happen?


What movie do you always watch at Christmas? Miracle On 34th Street? Home Alone? It’s A Wonderful Life? The Sound Of Music? Elf? Scrooged? The Santa Claus?

Well f-ck them all, OK?

F-CK. Them. All.

Mimi pitched a Christmas movie. Brett Ratner is producing it. And according to Deadline

“The plan is for (Mimi) to play a major role in the film.”

I don’t know about you but while everyone else is lining up to see the new Star Wars this coming holiday season, I’ll be at the theatre next door, in a leather Santa Claus bikini, waiting to see A Very Mimi Christmas. 

So…what’s the story?


I don’t care if they CGI her on top of a tree, with a Rudolph microphone, singing her feelings out in the form tinsel bubbles while elves are running her a silver snow bath in the next scene. Now that I think about it, I HOPE that actually happens. This thing is going to be amazing, no matter what.