Mimi in red, feeling herself

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 24, 2016 21:25:03 March 24, 2016 21:25:03

What a perfect way to break for the long weekend…

Mimi performed in London last night. I’ve heard from several of you who were at the show. The general consensus – she was basically on time (half an hour late is practically early by Mimi standards, come on), talked about herself a lot, celebrated herself the whole time, and couldn’t wait to get the f-ck off the stage at the 90 minute mark because why not work the bare minimum but make the most maximum cash?

Oh I’m sorry…

Did you expect Mimi to sing for you for almost three hours like Bruce Springsteen? If you did, you haven’t been taking notes. She had a party to go to afterwards. And a red dress to put on. And since she’s feeling herself and how thin she is right now, singing for a paying audience is, obviously, not a priority.

The priority is that we see her, with her hands on her hips, making sure her arms look as skinny a possible.

Have a great weekend!


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