Whatever you do today, find a minute and a half to watch what I’m about to post. Please. I promise it’ll make the sh-t you’re dealing with go away, just for a while.

Here are the facts, before we begin:

1.Mimi owns Christmas.

2.Mimi loves Mean Girls.

3.Mimi directed a Christmas movie (for Hallmark Channel) and fulfilled her wish of playing a Mean Girl.

Mimi is Regina George.

I know. You cannot wait to click play. But wait. Just a few observations that will make the viewing experience that much better.

Please note that in this entire scene, there is NOT ONE two-shot of Mimi with her scene partner Lacey Chabert (a Mean Girls alumna, obvs). Two people are talking. It’s basic visual presentation. Come out wide, at some point, so that we can actually see that the two people are talking. Doesn’t happen. That’s the kind of director we’re dealing with here.

The reason we don’t get a wide shot is because Mimi only wants to be shown in close-up. You will note, however, that her shot, even though these two people are supposed to be talking to each other, looks totally different. Mimi is shooting herself much closer. And, to me at least, it looks like she’s using an entirely different lens. There’s a GLOW on Mimi’s lens. There’s a softer, prettier glaze that surrounds her face, that washes over her face, thanks to this lens. Like when Oprah’s show was still on, you remember that lens?

Lacey? She gets the regular lens. Mimi? Mimi gets the Oprah lens. She isn’t f-cking sharing the lens. WHY SHOULD SHE?

This might become my favourite Christmas movie of all time. In fact, I think we should all watch it together. December 19, 8PM.