Or Stars Hollow… is that what it’s called?

I can hear Duana making sounds from wherever she is, getting ready to puff up and school me. Because, no, I haven’t started watching it yet, OK? I’m sorry. I was supposed to over the Christmas holidays but Making A Murderer happened and then I binged on Jessica Jones and Master Of None and a lot of horny books. But I hear you. I know what Gilmore Girls means to a lot of people. And this is supposed to be a quiet weekend for us so I think I might fire up an episode tonight – good timing too since Gilmore Girls is making big headlines right now.

But first – Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss opens today. The reviews…well… on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is, at post time, sitting at 20%. Not so good. But I’ve read several of them. And even though no one is saying the actual movie is strong, critics seem to be going out of their way to praise Melissa McCarthy’s charisma, comedic timing. The implication here is that the movie, the story, let her down. But since she co-wrote The Boss and her husband directs though, can you actually say that it was the movie and the writing let her down?

That was the situation going into the weekend. And then… Melissa shows up on Ellen, to promote The Boss, and makes a major announcement: she will appear in the Gilmore Girls Netflix movies. Now remember, she wasn’t supposed to. The showrunner, Amy Sherman-Palladino, claims she asked Melissa’s people and it didn’t happen. Melissa sniped back that she was never contacted about it all. Duana broke down the situation back in February – click here. Knowing what you know now, when you read back Duana’s post, can you feel the tone? The tone was there. It’s just more pronounced now. Duana being Duana, the tone was right on.

The Boss is Melissa’s big theatrical release. The Boss might not be a very good movie. Melissa McCarthy comes in and makes GG fans so happy right before the movie opens. She’s now the hero. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh yeah. Melissa McCarthy can play. Melissa McCarthy has game. Why shouldn’t she? Just because a star of beloved and relatable and goofy doesn’t mean she can’t be strategic. It would be limiting to her, and unfair, to expect her to not be strategic, or calculating. And self-serving. They are, after all, actors.

But how is it for everyone else involved with Gilmore Girls? If you’re Amy Sherman-Palladino, and you’ve been writing, and you’ve already started shooting, and now the cast member who went on to become the major movie star finally decides that, yes, she will return… well…I mean… OF COURSE she’s going to smile and be appreciative and happy that she can rework the scripts now. What else would she be feeling?

Attached - Melissa promoting The Boss with husband Ben Falcone in New York this week.