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Oh but those dumb Hollywood twats never will.

Like…even her name kicks my ass. Meryl Streep. Meryl. Streep.

We get assigned randomly on junkets at eTalk. If they assigned me to a Meryl Streep junket I swear I would flat out refuse. Why pollute her air with my smutty stank? No.

Kramer vs Kramer was on tv the other day. I was afraid to watch. It came out when my mom had just left us. My dad told me years later he went to see it alone. He was Dustin Hoffman. At the end when Joanna tells him she won’t be taking Billy and his face crumples into her shoulder…it’s devastating. The entire movie is devasting. And devastatingly great.

This is Meryl the most magnificent on Letterman the other day - so sick, so gracious, so f-cking elegant, and haughty and hilarious…I mean, get down on your knees, you know?

When she relays that anecdote about being too ugly for King Kong in Italian I almost passed out. Look at that Kramer vs Kramer clip. Who would EVER call Meryl Streep ugly???

She is already the all time leading Oscar nominee, last week she became the all time leading Golden Globe nominee, and this year she’s up for a double in Mamma Mia and Doubt, which is in theatres now. And if you’re a fan of the play, you’ll be a fan of the film. Her Sister Aloysius is without equal. Stop watching Twilight for the 10th time and go see it. Or Slumdog Millionaire!

Meryl Streep on Letterman Part 1

Meryl Streep on Letterman Part 2

Kramer vs Kramer the end

File photo from Wenn.com

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