We’re arguing about a lot today. But I doubt we’re arguing about this, right? There was no one worse than this. Kate Upton apparently went to Anna Wintour and asked for a ticket, offering to pay her own way in. I hate to say it...but you can tell.

They say there model classes, as Sophia Neophitou infamously declared earlier this year. Kate was obviously horribly outclassed last night at the Met Gala. In Michael Kors.

But you know what makes it suck even harder? She wanted to get in so badly, it means she’ll want to stay in even more. Which means she’ll let them walk all over her and she’ll do what they want her to do. Imagine how Anna Wintour would have treated Anna Nicole Smith. Now imagine what Kate Upton has ahead of her.

Aaaaaand...that concludes Met Gala coverage!

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