If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know I’ve been selling you on Michael B Jordan. Of The Wire, of Friday Night Lights, and now, of Fruitvale which is generating a lot of great buzz out of Sundance and opens this weekend in select cities but, f-ck, not mine. The Hollywood Reporter called him the next Denzel Washington – click here for a refresher. They’re saying Fruitvale might be this season’s Hushpuppy – click here for a refresher. So it is time for you to pay attention to Michael B Jordan.

You know who’s paying attention to Michael B Jordan?

Spider-Man Andrew Garfield sounds like he’s a big fan. Garfield apparently can’t stop talking about him. He told Entertainment Weekly:

“I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He’s so charismatic and talented.” Garfield went on to posit that there should be no problem with a black Peter Parker. And if he’s gay, even better. God bless you, Andrew Garfield.

Jordan has been busy promoting Fruitvale the last couple of weeks. There was a premiere in New York, he was on The View, and BET, and Sirius Radio, and I just read a great interview with him on HuffPo that made me love him more. He showed up for the meeting with a broken hand. It just happened. He didn’t bother taking care of it because he had responsibilities. And he speaks articulately about his hope that casting directors and audiences too continue to expand their imaginations about what parts are right for which actors. His role in Chronicle, for example, was originally intended to be white. It was rewritten specifically for him. That doesn’t happen enough.

And then there are the Human Torch rumours. They’re remaking the Fantastic Four with Josh Trank directing. Trank directed Jordan in Chronicle. They’re tight. And… well… he doesn’t exactly deny that he might become a superhero. Click here to read the article. I’m telling you – Michael B Jordan is your next jam, no pun intended.