It’s Golden Globes weekend. Michael B Jordan has not been nominated and Creed was not included in the film categories, its only nomination was for Sylvester Stallone as Best Supporting Actor – which will be one of the best speeches of the night if he wins, I promise you. MBJ is also not on the list of presenters either so there’s really no reason for him to go to the show. He should, however, be at at least one after-party, because, as you know, this is a working weekend for everyone. Also, if I’m the Academy? I’m inviting him as a presenter. He’s already been there – two years ago as a presenter and I named him Best Dressed Male, click here for a refresher. Those shoes!

So are you seeing Creed this weekend, or what? Between Creed and The Revenant, both Sarah and I are emphatically recommending Creed. Nobody gets humped by a bear in Creed, or sleeps in an animal carcass, but in Creed, a man has an actual conversation – several conversations! – with a woman.

Here’s MBJ at lunch with a friend and her baby yesterday in LA.