I love the BAFTAs. They’re so all business. It’s like, let’s get on with it, move it along, we’re not caught up in our own importance. And the feed I was watching was broadcast straight through with only one commercial break after the first hour. Maybe that’s why they sold their name to Orange. It seriously cuts down on ad time…which is why the entire event was 2 hours. Can you imagine? Only 2 hours, straight to the chase? The orchestra didn’t have its own entourage, the speeches weren’t longwinded and rambly, it’s almost as though the winners were embarrassed to celebrate too openly, making for an elegant but subdued affair (with the exception of those two crazy hags Sharon Stone and Goldie Hawn) that was paralleled by the understated choices on the red carpet, in sharp contrast to what you will see on Oscar night.

So at the British film awards, it was no surprise that Slumdog Millionaire was triumphant. Harvey Weinstein however is working hard, strategically, and some say under the table to ensure this doesn’t happen in Los Angeles in 2 weeks. Click here for an insightful report on what Harvey’s been up to. But they say his shenanigans could spoil everyone’s party, including his own, perhaps leaving the door open for a dark horse to sneak through. Like Milk? Hollywood politics is dirty.

Back to the show:

Very cool that David Frost and Michael Sheen presented together. Sheen was amazing in The Queen, equally so in Frost/Nixon. You know he’s the father of Kate Beckinsale’s daughter? And his career only really started taking off after she left him for Len Wiseman who directed both of them, Kate and Michael, in Underworld? This moment in Gossip History is brought to you by karma.

As for the Best Actor race –Sean Penn didn’t even bother to show up. Mickey Rourke did and was rewarded. And if he promises to give the same acceptance speech on Oscar night that he did at the BAFTAs I will switch allegiances immediately and leave Sean’s side. Mickey was out of control and every minute was a blessing, particularly the part in his profanity-laced speech when he thanked Marisa Tomei for getting naked in The Wrestler because he enjoyed looking at her. No. For reals. He said it. Out loud while holding his BAFTA mask. Amazing. Here he is backstage doublefisting – award in one hand, champagne in the other. Only Mickey Rourke could make Mick Jagger look remarkably palatable.

So on to the stars then, shall we? The Brange stepped up their game!

Photos from Wenn.com