Duana was on me over email before 7am this morning:

“This spectacular Mila Kunis interview? Yes, right?”

I was still rushing out the open and shouts and had no idea what she was talking about. So she sent me the link. And again, with the accompanying comment:

“It is spectacular.”

10 minutes later, Duana again:

“Did you love it?”

Jesus, Duana. Chill out.

But then I watched and understood why so Twi-Hardy. We love Mila Kunis, we do. We have loved her for a long time. Click here and here and here for examples. We love her for her child-of-immigrants attitude. We love her because she’s not super precious. We love her because in this interview she’s nice and kind without being condescending and she’s funny and super quick and also very smart.

Finally, I finished it and wrote her back that I did love it, and Mila Kunis, and f-ck, why does she have to be with Ashton Kutcher. Duana’s analysis:

“People have dating ages, just like actors have arrested development ages, and you have to remember she was with the arguably sexless Culkin for like 10 years. She’s only now going ‘oh, this is what it’s like when someone sees that I’m also f-cking hot. Got it.’”

Is that how we are living with this?

Is that how we have to live with this?

How much longer will SHE be living with this?

Duana also posited that maybe she’s trying to educate him, or something. Where is the line between educate and change? Debate rages whether or not that’s a doomed proposition. And, if she has to educate/change anyone, why couldn’t it be Leonardo DiCaprio?