How long has this VH1 Divas event been going on for? A while. Many years. So many years, they've run out of divas and are now attempting to change the definition of the word, both in pure form and its pop culture interpretation.

It was once Whitney and Mimi and Faith Hill and actual legends in the business. It is now a show that's meant more for marketing partnerships and sponsors. That's really the only explanation, right? Never mind that they've run out of actual Divas, the event is already sold, so you fill the spots with whatever is available.

Not that I don't love Kelly Clarkson. Among the participants, Kelly Clarkson is the only one you can really make a case for and even then, I'd argue it's premature. She just turned 30!

Still, 30 is more than 20, the age of Miley Cyrus. Of course I care about Miley. Miley will be Good For Gossip for a while. Miley, as she figures her sh-t out. Miley, as she tries to forge a career beyond Disney, with her short hair and a Twitter account. Miley, young and engaged, trying to keep her love the same even as everything changes around her. These are interesting developments. Watching transformation is indeed compelling. And at the end of that process, a Diva may very well emerge. But now? Is she a diva now? Already? God, give them something to become, please. Don’t let them become it without actually getting there.


I only know one Miley Cyrus song off by heart -- Party In The USA. If you only have one song with that kind of recognisability, can you actually call yourself a Diva?