How is Miley Cyrus doing on The Voice? That's the question of the season, isn't it? When it was first announced that Miley would be a coach on this season of The Voice, the response wasn't great. Let's just say The Voice fans were not on Team Miley.

Alicia Keys also joined the show this season but I don't think anyone ever wondered if she would be able to enlighten the minds of amateur artists. As far as temperament and overall vibe go, Alicia is basically the female Pharrell. Also, she's Alicia Keys. She's the human embodiment of positivity, light, confidence and zen. If The Voice mentors were life coaches, I'd pick Team Alicia. Anyway, no one was questioning whether Alicia Keys would be a good addition to The Voice but they were questioning Miley Cyrus, pop's resident Good Girl Gone Bad.

Miley's reputation is the most interesting part of what she brings to The Voice. If you were to ask a casual tabloid reader who didn't know Miley's music, they would probably only know that she went from Disney star to that wild child who smokes, parties, occasionally wears provocative outfits and swung around on a wrecking ball. Or that she's dating the other Hemsworth. What they might not know is the space that Miley currently occupies in music. The two-night Voice premiere made that very clear.

Let me acknowledge that I know there have been multiple times where Miley has missed the mark and said really dumb sh-t. There was that whole thing with Nicki Minaj, she has had very problematic music videos in the past and for Christ's sake, she didn't invent twerking. But here's what Miley has been able to do very well: she has completely shed her previous identity to take on a new, "dare to be different" persona. She's the individual, the rebel, the risky but bold choice. To the artists who are coming on to The Voice, Miley represents edge and the ability to just be themselves since she's, you know, just being Miley. Sorry, I had to. Two of the best singers in the competition chose Miley because they wanted to be "original" artists. She used to be Hannah Montana! Miley created and perfected this new narrative all by herself. To be honest, last night while I was watching The Voice, I was shocked at how well it has worked. Miley Cyrus may be a sanctimonious 23 year-old who does not want to participate in the Hollywood "game" anymore but if The Voice premiere was any indication, she's playing the game pretty damn well.

Now, let's put to rest those feud rumours, shall we? Since the show started filming a few months back, there have been reports that Miley and Adam Levine hate each other and that their personalities clash or whatever. One report said that Adam made Miley cry on set. HA. I'd believe that if it were the other way around. So, Gossip Cop officially shut down the rumours but that didn't stop me from analyzing all of their interactions during the premiere. There was a moment where Miley called Adam out for his sulky behaviour after losing a bunch of artists to the other coaches but then there was a three-way hug between Miley, Adam and another contestant so I think they are fine. It seems like a sibling rivalry type of relationship. I doubt they are friends IRL but it actually seems like all four coaches are having a good time. I'm also happy the rumours about feuding haven't pitted the two female coaches against each other, for once.

Attached – Miley on The Voice and out with Liam Hemsworth in New York late last week.