TMZ broke this story. Minka Kelly celebrated her birthday at French Laundry in the Napa Valley. Have you been there? I want to! My friend Lorella went there a couple of years ago. Lorella knows her food. And she said the food there is so good it was practically a sexual experience. Ok, those are my words. But that’s how I processed what she was saying.

So Minka Kelly. Birthday. French Laundry. 5 person table. One of them was…

Sean Penn.

Sean Penn?

Minka Kelly and Sean Penn?

Eavesdroppers say that she and Sean met at fundraiser for Haiti – which is what he was telling the 3 other people with them. Which is weird to me. That those kinds of introductions were being made at the table. Let’s say you’re Minka. And your friends are spending your birthday with you and you’re like, oh by the way, I’m inviting someone else: Sean Penn.

Your friends would shake you down before you even finish the sentence, right?

So how, exactly, did this go down? Did he just show up to surprise her? Or… is this situation so torrid she hasn’t had time to come up for air to tell her closest and dearest that she’s now dating Sean Penn?!?

US Weekly is calling it a first date. And that it was a “test” setting – apparently they got on great although it’s too soon to tell whether or not there could be something more. More like the next time he does an interview with Esquire and decides to call Charlize Theron a love fraud the way he called Robin Wright a love fraud?

In civilian life we call it beer goggles. In celebrity life it’s totally Oscar goggles.