You do not talk about the Pussy Posse.

This week was the launch party for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue which apparently is still a thing – print lives!

At the party, a very enterprising journalist from Cosmopolitan posed an important anthropological question to several models: Has Leo ever hit on you?

We all know that Leo’s flavour is Victoria’s Secret, but there is some crossover with the models. The answers are funny, but they also tell us everything we already knew about Leo. (He’s a total dog who fistpumps like no one is watching and bones like he has a Victoria’s Secret punch card to fill up.)

Most of the models confirmed that yes, they “know” Leo -- Chrissy Teigen was the lone exception (which makes her a model unicorn.) He’s a nightlife fixture, like valet parking and drunk girls crying in the bathroom. Sara Sampaio summed it up when she said, “If you're in New York City, you always see him around.” When asked if he’s ever hit on her, she responded, “No. He likes blondes.” Good point, Sara.

Obviously Leo only dips into the model pool. So what is his game like? Is he charming? Funny? Dashing? Well, let’s say he’s more of a bare minimum dude. Nina Agdal told a story about him showing up at a black tie Cannes Film Fest event in a baseball cap. Of course he left with a beautiful woman.

My favorite new model Gigi Hadid conceded that yes, he’s usually surrounded by models, and then passed the buck to the only person identified as a bonafide Leo friend, Lily Aldridge (who happens to also be a VS Angel). When asked, Lily giggled and shook her head. No comment, even though she’s married to Caleb Followill (from Kings of Leon) and has never been known to mess with Leo. That is how strong his Victoria’s Secret VIP card is.

So after 20 years of this, there must be a Sisterhood of Being in Leo’s Pants, right? Only a few would confirm that yes, they commiserate about him. I like to think of it as a secret models-who’ve-boned-Leo club. I guess by now, it’s grown in size to become an official association with laminated cards. What do they talk about? Size? Stamina? Does he give out a gift basket at the end like a certain baseball player?

Of course none of this is earth-shattering gossip; we all know that he’s Peter Pan with a perpetual boner. But he is fiercely protected by his crew, so anytime I get to hear, “Everyone else was in tuxedos, he came in a baseball cap, he was there for five minutes, found a girl, and left” I will thoroughly enjoy it.

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