Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend, photographer and model Bryan Randall was identified last week. This week the weekly magazines are all over him and getting people to talk. IN TOUCH has a story about how Bryan used to date Paris St John, 23, for 3 years and broke up with her right before he and Sandy hooked up…although Paris’s ma, Mia, isn’t mad because he’s so nice. And US Weekly also talked to the mother who says he was super kind to her late son.

But back to the ex-girlfriend. Much younger ex-girlfriend. How many times does a dude exchange a 23 year old woman for a 51 year old one? Not often. Which is why people are so suspicious. Like he's a fame-digger. Which tells you something about how much credit we give men. And, maybe, ourselves.

Or perhaps Jesse James has something to do with it. It’s about her judgement, right? I get it. She was totally blindsided. At the same time, I don’t know that what happened to her was about her judgement though and not about the fact that he totally conned her. I can’t say that I haven’t fallen for someone who ended up being totally different than what I thought he was. And I’m not sure that everyone who’s been cheated on would say that they should have known that that person would cheat on them.

In Sandra’s case, when she found out what happened, what he did, what he hid, she left right away. She did not go back. She was out. There was no lingering. That tells me more about her judgement than anything else. Which is why I think I want to believe in Sandy and Bryan. Do you think I’m a stupid asshole?