Dear Gossips,

The read of the day yesterday was definitely the New York Times article on Britney Spears titled:

Is Britney Spears Ready To Stand On Her Own? 

CLICK! Immediately!

Britney has been showing more and more personality on social media over the last few months. She’s also been expressing a lot more confidence, the only way she knows how – her body. And earlier this week she apparently testified on her own behalf in a deposition for a lawsuit brought by Sam Lutfi. So now some people are wondering whether or not Britney’s father needs to be her guardian anymore. And if not, why this arrangement continues, and whether or not there are ulterior motives at play in order to keep the conservatorship in place.

The piece doesn’t answer the question, at least not for me. Instead, it presents another dilemma: who, actually, can Britney trust? Can you really trust the sources talking to the NYT about why Britney doesn’t need the conservatorship… like David Lucado, her boyfriend with the not-quite-clear employment history, who denies cheating on her but was, supposedly, removed from her life by her guardians because he cheated on her?

Everybody sounds shady!

And, as always, in the middle of this we find Britney, 8 years removed from those dark times, 2 years into a successful residency in Vegas, and, seemingly, as healthy as she’s been in a while. Do you attribute that to the “protective bubble” that her guardians have built around her? Or does that take away her agency?  

Last night I texted this article to Duana and she responded with “chills, chills, chills”. My next question was why Britney’s mother is barely mentioned at all. And Duana, always wise, was like, “because the men have the money”.

Click here to read the Britney piece in the NYT. Let me know your thoughts.

Yours in gossip,