It’s not like we weren’t expecting it, right? I opened the blog with it on Friday – click here for a refresher. Miley Cyrus talked sh-t about Nicki Minaj to the New York Times and, oh, 72 hours later they would meet at the VMAs and this is what happened. (They’ve been pulling down the videos real fast so right now. At posting time all we can find is this instagram version.)


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This clip unfortunately ends before Miley finishes off with how she lost at the VMAs a few years ago but persevered – a comment she seems to direct back at Nicki. So… real or staged? I feel like it’s an even 50/50 split on this. My initial reaction was that it was fake, because of Nicki’s smile (second Instagram embed) and also because the cameras were so on it, so ready to take Nicki’s angles. When’s she’s giving that ferocious face, with the “what’s good”, practically snarling, they hit it… fast. And they cut over to Miley fast too. And then again back to Nicki, fast. I guess I just don’t know if I have that much confidence in MTV’s control room. Duana’s initial reaction, however, was that it was legit, because Miley seemed thrown. Check this out:




Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a source close to MTV is insisting that the feud is real, and that there was no advance setup. OK, sure, but why would MTV tell everyone to stop talking about something that’s only beneficial to them? So they either want us to think they’re scrapping…or they are really scrapping. Whatever. The point is…

Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t.

And doesn’t Nicki know that better than anyone else. Because she keeps playing with it on social media, jumping from one fight to the next, sidling up to Taylor Swift now against a common enemy, the way she used Katy Perry when she and Taylor were beefing. Here’s what Nicki tweeted after the show:

And an Instagram sending “kisses to my girls”, including Taylor, once again, Demi Lovato, and Britney.  


Kisses to my girls 😘

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See, that’s also why Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t. Because in the end, after all the nail pointing and the pettiness… NOBODY DIES. Everybody just keeps making money. As Nicki would say, a congratulatory pat on the pum pum then. We all need the sound of a cash register going off everyone time we point to our pum pums. (I call mine “Patch".)


@boomkack 😘

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PS. It’s a good thing she brought the drama because the gold dress, to me, was totally, totally boring.