It was reported this week this week that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are dating. They’ve show up on each other’s social media pages. They hang out in the same circles. And while their reps claim they’re good friends, according to E! News they are definitely together and have even introduced each other to their families.

Nina is in the new Xander Cage movie. But she’s mostly getting attention lately for her return to The Vampire Diaries series finale. Which means working again with her ex Ian Somerhalder who is now married to Nikki Reed. It’s been years. And of course, of course, we can all be grownups about these things, but it also doesn’t hurt to come back with a hot new guy.

Have you seen Hidden Figures yet? Glen Powell was sexy AF in Hidden Figures, right? Even Duana felt it, and she typically prefers an old mountain man. But his charisma was undeniable. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, rumour has it he was hooking up with Kate Hudson for a while. I feel like he could be a “next”. Like the “next” Chris Pratt. The “next” sorry-Scott-Eastwood-it’s-not-you. In fame balance terms them, Nina and Glen? Totally well matched.