I like Nina Dobrev so much. SO much. You are welcome to accuse me of bias. Nina, as Drake would say, is from The 6. We first met her on Degrassi. Duana used to write on Degrassi. Nina is kind, smart, generous, sweet. And now both PEOPLE and US Weekly are reporting that they're “casually” dealing with each other and that it’s not serious yet.

Nina’s previous boyfriends – Ian Somerhalder and Austin Stowell. So she’s not JLO. She likes a pretty face. But… does she like a douche face?

This face?

How much of this face will be Nina be able to handle? I want to say not much. I want to hope not much. I want to believe that Nina’s fun for the weekend ends on Monday morning. Why is it that Scott Eastwood and Lea Michele haven’t found each other yet. Or Kaley Cuoco?