PEOPLE published an exclusive yesterday afternoon about Rihanna and Drake:

Rihanna and Drake Have Been Secretly Dating 'For Months,' Says Source

Is this really an “exclusive”? And is their source all of Toronto?

PEOPLE’s report came right after Rihanna’s show in LA on Wednesday night. Drake joined her on stage and they did their thing, just like they did in Miami and in Toronto a few weeks ago. But they also spent time in Toronto to shoot the Work video and everyone in Toronto was talking then about how they were making out all over the place, not exactly keeping it a “secret”. It certainly wasn’t a secret when he told everyone at the Air Canada Centre on April 14 that Rihanna is “the greatest woman I’ve ever known in my entire life”.

Yes, they’ve been hooking up for months. But are they really “dating”? Or is it more like Drake will get down with Rihanna whenever RIHANNA wants to get down? How hard is it to believe that she’s the one who decides? The Toronto Raptors are in the second round of the NBA playoffs against the Miami Heat. Game 1 went to overtime, Raptors lost. Game 2, last night, also went to overtime. Raptors won. But Drake wasn’t there. And he loves the Raptors. Until she calls. Which is basically how it’s been for years between them.

So what makes this time different?

Maybe, hopefully, it’s different because on paper, really, for both of them, who else could it be? Rihanna’s ANTI is now the first album of 2016 to go double platinum. Drake’s new album Views is streaming big and selling big, on track to score the highest first week sales numbers of the year. And their song, Work, has been the biggest hit of the year so far, the first track to go multi-platinum three times. They are each other’s career equivalent. And that’s how it’s been for them throughout their careers – perfectly matching each other romantically and professionally. Love, unfortunately, is never that neat. Which is why Rihanna and Drake can’t ever seem to stick. Will they stick, eventually?