Can we start with Cristiano Ronaldo? Because I am not a believer. Like I can’t actually see it. I don’t want to see it. Apparently this means I’m crazy, as he’s known around the world as maybe the most beautiful man ever. He and Irina Shayk were together for a long time. They broke up earlier this year. And Page Six reports that she might be dealing with Bradley Cooper now. They were seen on Broadway last night at Finding Neverland and have apparently been hanging out all week. A source told the paper that “[it is] a friendly relationship — for the time being”.

Bradley Cooper, from model to model?

His buddy Leonardo DiCaprio would approve. His buddy Leonardo DiCaprio however would have concerns about Irina’s age. She’s 29. That’s almost 5 years beyond Leo’s model cut-off. I feel like that’s enough for a warning text message: “The older they get, the more they think, brah. Just hit it and quit it”.

After Irina ended her relationship with Ronaldo, she said that:

"I love honest men and I love a man who is loyal to women.”

Is that Bradley Cooper?

Attached - Shayk shopping in New York with her mother and a friend on Sunday.