We don't call him King Wayne here in Canada but we do call him The Great One, which is almost the same. Wayne Gretzky in Canada is about as royal as it gets. And now his daughter has become something of a Hollywood socialite with her very own fame aspirations, complete with provocative picture scandal and now, an athlete boyfriend -- PGA Tour golfer Dustin Johnson.

Dustin Johnson used to deal with Natalie Gulbis who... I mean he has a type, clearly, right?

Don't have strong feelings either way about DJ except I love the way he wears his pants, with the signature white belt...because, humble brag!, it reminds me of Jacek.

Anyway, here they are, all over each other in Miami, and the date stamp from the photo agency says this weekend, which, he did play in Florida at Doral this weekend, and is that the way he gets game ready? I guess it works. He finished tied for 12th.

Also, I don't have small dogs -- are you supposed to carry them around in your tits?

This explains why that FLARE shoot turned out the way it did, non?