Miley & Liam re-engaged

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2016 17:59:36 January 22, 2016 17:59:36

We started the year with Miley Cyrus in Australia with Liam Hemsworth, back together. We started this week seeing pictures of Miley wearing her engagement ring again. Click here for a refresher. There followed a couple of days of reporting about her moving her sh-t into Liam’s. And getting serious again. Or maybe taking their time with their reunion.

Now we’re ending the week with an exclusive confirmation from PEOPLE - Miley and Liam are indeed re-engaged.

"Miley is beyond happy to be engaged to Liam again," a source close to the singer tells PEOPLE. "It might seem sudden, but they have been very close for the past few months."

I’m telling you! It was when he adopted the dog! Click here to revisit that post.

So…isn’t HE happy? How come she’s always the one who’s described that way? How come it’s not “they’re so happy to be back together”?

Also this, according to PEOPLE’s source:

"They just wanted to keep their relationship out of the spotlight while they figured things out," says the source. "Liam never liked how exposed his life was with Miley."

This time around, Cyrus is "making changes for their relationship to work," adds the source. "They both seem much more mature."

So he wasn’t down with the way it was before and she was the one who had to make the changes. How fortunate for Miley that Liam was open to her gestures, you know? She’s so lucky that he agreed to take her back. Because we’re pretending now that he was never helped at all by the fact that he was in a relationship with her, right?

They’re young, they’re hot, in my mind their sex is CRAZY – come on, “sources”, can you just give me this without making it so f-cking gross?

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