Peter Dinklage won his second Emmy for portraying Tyrion Lannister last night, a win that encapsulates my problem with the Emmys—oh yeah, I have a problem with the Emmys. My problem is this: The same shows win every year. And once something starts winning, it tends to turn into a juggernaut and win every year for a whole bunch of years regardless of whether or not it’s actually still the best thing on TV. Some of that is undoubtedly due to the glut of quality television—it’s simply not possible to nominate everything and something is inevitably left out (I refuse to call it a snub when a good thing is shut out in favor of another good thing).

The Emmys are now officially on the Game of Thrones bandwagon, three years later than the rest of us. They’ve flirted before, but last night Thrones became the winningest show in a single year with twelve Emmys, including Dinklage’s and wins for Best Drama Director, Writing, and Series. You could not be blamed for thinking that Thrones is the best drama of 2015. But it isn’t. The best drama is hands down The Knick, but other acceptable answers are The Americans, my beloved Justified—nominated for f*ck all—Mad Men, or Better Call Saul. And it’s not that Thrones isn’t deserving of recognition, it is one of the best shows on TV. Just not THE best, not this year. But it’s like the Emmys are just now in 2012 and realizing that Thrones is big-time TV.

The cast also doesn’t seem to realize that they’re on the biggest f*cking show on the planet because the fashion was subpar across the board. Dinklage’s man bun is the best dressed of the lot. Gwendoline Christie went for the Grecian goddess look, which is whatever. She has the height and presence to pull off some SWINTON levels of out-there fashion, so I was let down by such a standard dress. Sophie Turner at least tries with a Galvan pantsuit, but it’s so plain she looks a little underdressed for a black tie event. I’d be more into Lena Headey’s Zuhair Murad dress if there was half as much volume in the skirt - holy sh*t that is a LOT of dress. And Maisie Williams had me with her cute quilted pink dress until I saw the horrible, fuzzy, 1950s housewife slipper-shoes she wore. This is my other problem with the Emmys—the fashion is always so junior varsity.