That’s an all-caps title because it’s an all-caps event in the life of a Directioner. Do Directioners even exist anymore? Yes, apparently, they do. At least on Twitter, where they are freaking the f-ck out. But let’s backtrack.

Liam Payne and Cheryl (what is her last name now that she’s not married to that guy anymore, can I just say Tweedy? Or does she go down to one name? I think she wants to go to one name. But is Cheryl Tweedy a one-name star? I really don’t think so) Tweedy started dating about 6 months ago. Recently there have been all kinds of rumours that she’s pregnant. I’ve not been paying attention. It’s one of those stories that hovers in the air and you keep walking past it because…really? Cheryl’s having Liam’s baby?

Well, here they are tonight in London heading to a Christmas concert. They stepped out to make a statement. The statement is pretty clear. Like this was an outing with a very specific purpose: confirmation. And this is why Directioner Twitter is losing its mind. Because they’re taking it as confirmation that, yes indeed, CHERYL IS HAVING LIAM’s BABY.

That’s two 1D dads: Louis first, Liam next. And then…

And then I’m going to say Louis again. Louis again before Niall, Zayn, or Harry. You?