Sometimes when I’m in mixed company and people ask what I do, I get some flack for being an entertainment writer. Usually it’s from men, and it’s always a bit of a condescending take: entertainment news is shallow, it’s silly to like gossip, tabloids are for dumb people, it’s dangerous to worship at the feet of celebrities etc. Usually I can talk my way out of that discussion pretty quickly by citing one of Lainey’s arguments – no one ever questions a man, whether he be a surgeon or a construction worker, about why he likes sports.

But sometimes I read an interview (or in this case, excerpts from an interview) and it sounds so absurd and self-important that I wonder if Hollywood is one grand lobotomization experiment.

Kate Mara is doing the rounds right now for Fantastic Four – she plays The Invisible Woman, and I’m not going to even pretend to know what that means (sorry, Sarah).

But the Mara sisters are always good for a serious eye roll. Like a Bitch-are-you-kidding-me send a rage email to your friends with a link to the article, eye roll. A few excerpts from her February Women’s Health cover have come out and drops this ridiculousness:

On if she wasn’t an actor: “If I wasn’t acting, I would be dead. I would die. I can’t image doing anything else. I have no backup plan, so I’d be screwed.”

Relax Kate, it’s Women’s Health, no need to be so tortured. You certainly would not be dead. This comment is so asinine I had to look up her age, thinking maybe she was young and this is something someone very young and dramatic would say. She’s 31. So what is this? In a time when people are literally dying for their creative freedom, maybe chill with the blithe posturing.

Also why mention a backup plan when you know everyone knows your family is insanely wealthy and connected to the NFL and railroads and old white people stuff. That would be like Gwyneth saying she had no backup plan. Or Kate Hudson saying she had no backup plan. Some people don’t NEED a backup plan – and I’m not knocking her upbringing but again, pump the breaks on the necessity of your situation, PLEASE.

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