Prince Harry stepped out again today in London – his fourth consecutive day of official business – at the Veterans Mental Health Conference with Heads Together. While we’re seeing more new photos of Harry championing his causes, we’re also seeing more footage from his brother William’s ski trip as other videos and different angles of him dancing badly at a Swiss bar continue to be circulated. Today’s version features Will talking to a woman, at one point reaching out with his hand, placing it on her hip. Again, not a good look. Again, not intentional, the difference between Harry and Will this week. But the timing could not be worse.

And they know. Of course they know. Kensington Palace and the Cambridges are well aware of the talk surrounding Will’s controversial holiday when other senior royals were out there doing their duty.

So…what’s the move?

Well, on Friday William and Kate are scheduled to be in Paris. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of Princess Diana. In Paris. It’s to be a two day trip, and they are there to serve as royal ambassadors for Britain to keep up relations with France post-Brexit. But since this is Will’s first work visit to Paris since his mother died, many are focusing on the significance of the anniversary. And there’s even starting to be some suggestion that one explanation for Will’s recent behaviour is that the milestone has been weighing on him, with E! News’s royal correspondent and expert, Melanie Bromley, writing a new article today about “why (Prince William) is finally ready to face his ultimate heartbreak, the death of Princess Diana”. What’s being implied here then is that Prince William needed a break, that he couldn’t attend Commonwealth Day with the Queen and wasn’t with his wife and young children because he needed to get away with his friends as he’s been struggling emotionally with the memories of losing his mother.

Will and Kate, like Harry, are also ambassadors for Heads Together, an organisation that promotes mental health awareness. There’s a tremendous opportunity here, if William is ready for it, to share that the future King of England also struggles with mental health. At the same time though, if there’s any hint of exploitation here, any hint of public relations redirect specifically exploiting this issue, it seriously undermines his commitment to the cause. I don’t want to believe that that’s what’s happening here because it’s low, very low. So, skepticism aside, hopefully William can access the help he needs to move through this difficult period and that he’ll be better for it on the other side.