Prince Harry shows his work

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2017 16:56:59 April 17, 2017 16:56:59

Duana and I featured Meghan Markle as the top story on the last episode of our Show Your Work podcast. She had just shut down The Tig. And we talked about what it means and whether or not it means she’s “giving up” parts of her life so that she can make a life with Prince Harry. During the podcast I mentioned that Meghan’s worked with Canadian retailer Reitmans for the last two years. The Daily Mail is now reporting that Meghan has also quit Reitmans, yet another sign that she and Harry are moving towards engagement. It’s not just that she can’t be a model. It’s also that the royals don’t do brand partnerships. They aren’t “sponsored”. They don’t endorse products.

As you’ve probably heard, Meghan and Harry spent Easter weekend together in Toronto. Her Majesty’s birthday is on Friday. I thought that he’d do Royal Easter and the Queen’s birthday in London before coming here to see Meghan. But Harry did not attend Royal Easter and decided instead to be with his girlfriend. Will he get the same sh-t that Prince William got when he skipped Commonwealth Day to go skiing and dad-dance in Switzerland? Well, no. Because Harry shows his work.

A new podcast hosted by Bryony Gordon called Mad World just launched today. Mad World is a 10 episode series focusing on mental health and removing the stigma attached to those who struggle with it. Bryony’s first guest? Prince Harry. Who shared that he has been to therapy for anxiety and depression related to the death of his mother. Harry revealed that he was “very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions” and that, at times, he was so stressed that he felt on the “verge of punching someone” during royal engagements. It was then, at 28, that he sought treatment, and while he’s in a better place now, the point of his story is to increase mental health awareness, a cause he’s been championing for some time now, especially in his work with Heads Together. And the reason this is especially remarkable is that Harry comes from a family known for a stiff upper lip, known for their powers of emotional suppression. The Royal Family does not talk about feelings, and certainly not about these kinds of feelings.

Harry’s appearance on Mad World is what’s making headlines today, alongside the story that he was with Meghan in Toronto. Which is SMART work. We have the romance and the gossip…but it’s served with a helping of charitable message. And it’s another example of how Harry has been outworking his brother. Because while he was not with the family on Easter weekend, in talking about mental health, and encouraging others to prioritise their mental health, he was still representing the family, doing the duty, and, of course, ultimately gaining even more favour with his grandmother. Which he’ll collect on when he tells granny who he wants to marry. Or maybe she already knows, and has agreed.


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