The Invictus Games are coming. Prince Harry is the royal face of the event. And so he’s been out almost every day promoting the Games, advocating on behalf of the athletes, encouraging people to come out and support them. A few days ago he visited an elementary school and this, of course, is where he shines – interacting with kids, relating to them, entertaining them. One of them asked him if he’s going to be king. He was like, yeah, no, that’s probably not a good idea.

But isn’t it?

Harry was also interviewed on the BBC by Chris Evans. He said “arse” during the interview. This ended up being a headline all over the UK. Really? Can we please all unclench? And appreciate his voice?  Christ Jesus, when giggles, oh my God. Halfway through listening I found my hand on my neck, imagining it was his.


They end up doing a rapid-fire series of questions. Harry prefers dogs over cats. We know this. Red wine over white, which disappointed me because I can’t handle red wine and one of my totally baseless unscientific life assumptions is that white wine drinkers are less up their own asses. He does prefer beans over peas though and I approve. And finally…on food…

“I’ve got to say Chinese – I love Chinese.”

Needless to say, I have repurposed this response for my own pleasure and I think I will be isolating it for my ringtone.

Attached - Prince Harry at BBC Radio 2 today in London and visiting Sky Sports 'Game Changers' for filming of an Invictus Games special earlier this month.