Rachel McAdams arrived in LA last night from Hawaii where she’s been shooting the new Cameron Crowe movie. Rachel, as we’ve discussed repeatedly, is pretty attached to home – home being Toronto, Canada. It’s not a stretch then to assume that she might be coming back at some point…? If so, she won’t be wearing flip-flops on that plane. We’ve had snow all week here.

Can we talk about this again though? The travelling in flip-flops thing? Because I can’t do it. I can’t expose my feet on a plane. I can’t go into an airplane washroom with bare skin. Look around you the next time you fly. Look at your fellow passengers. Now imagine their fecal spray all over your toes.

Anyway, I suppose we can’t have a discussion about Rachel without mentioning Ryan Gosling. There was a report from a sketchy source that came out this week that he and Eva Mendes were done and that he and Rachel would soon find themselves back in the rowboat. The last I heard (earlier this month), Gosling was cutting his film How To Catch A Monster in LA. So that must mean Rachel was meeting him there! Hold up. I also heard Mendes was supposedly seen with him a few times. But that could have been another really hot brunette, right? We believe what we want to believe. Especially when it comes to Ryan Gosling. Which is why he gets phantom-sighted all the time around the world. One minute he’s in New Zealand. The next day he’s in Calgary, Alberta. And last Friday night he supposedly hit up a McDonald’s drive-thru in a small town in Ontario called Waterdown, prompting staff there to explode all over their Facebooks about how they saw him. (Thanks Jody!) If there are so many men out there who look like Ryan Gosling, how special is Ryan Gosling? Or is that Ryan Gosling’s appeal – because he’s just so accessible, an ordinary Joe. Ryan Gosling?