I felt about the first season of True Detective the way I feel about Iggy Azalea: didn’t care. In fact, the only time I cared was when Cary Fukunaga won the Emmy. Duana and I have been yelled at a lot about this. And we get it. You loved the show. But for us, there was no draw. Sorry. Can we make up now though? Because I am interested in Season 2. And that has everything to do with Rachel McAdams.

Last week Duana forwarded me an article by Scott Mendelson posted at Forbes with the title:

Why Rachel McAdams Never Became A Movie Star

It was more a commentary on the dearth of opportunity for women in film than it was a criticism of McAdams’s choices. Still…a few of you have asked the same question of Sarah when suggesting subjects for a Career Prospectus. It does seem like she never hit the Next Level even though she has all the goods.

Will True Detective do it for her? They’ve just released the first trailer. And she doesn’t seem to be lingering off to the side. In fact, she’s heavily featured. She’s the first face you see before we get to Taylor Kitsch (who also occupies a lot of screen time in this preview. And he hasn’t looked this good in a LONG time).

So I’m excited for her. I’m excited to see how she’s going to change the conversation about her with this performance. I’m excited that she’s the reason I’m in. True Detective begins on June 21 on HBO.