Now that you’ve had time to spend with the ton over Christmas weekend (my review was posted last week, including my thoughts on That Scene – catch up on it here), we can get down to the important work of deciding which Bridgerton boy is the best Bridgerton boy. Not just the hottest Bridgerton boy or the nicest or the smartest Bridgerton boy, but the BEST Bridgerton boy. 


These rankings are extremely scientific, being carried out in laboratory conditions by yours truly, which means I watched Bridgerton on repeat for over a month, studying each Bridgerton character, storyline, wardrobe, and overall mien of gentlemanliness. I have also read each Bridgerton novel multiple times over the years, and I absolutely WILL be holding the TV characters accountable for their book counterparts (I caught that mention of your “lucky mallet”, Anthony, you’re the one who brought croquet into this non-croquet-playing season!). These rankings are non-negotiable and absolutely final, and I will be taking precisely zero questions at this time. If you would like to register a complaint about my extremely scientific findings, you may call 1-800-NO1-CARES. Yes, I know that’s too many digits, but NO ONE CARES, DIANE.

Nigel Berbrooke, Lord Berbrooke

Status: Would-be Bridgerton

CV: Nigel Berbrooke is a baron from an old and established family, with no debts and a respectable fortune, as per Anthony’s investigation. But he is possessive and does not respect women as individuals, and he attempts to force Daphne into an unwanted marriage, plus there is that illegitimate child he cast into the cold with nary a thought. Also, he is an unpleasant toad, and no one likes him.

Ranking: Worst member of the ton.

Gregory Bridgerton

Status: Youngest Bridgerton boy

Gregory will one day have romantic adventures of his own, but for now he is a child. A terribly cute child with terribly cute dimples, but still, a child.

Ranking: A literal child.


Prince Friederich of Prussia

Status: Would-be Bridgerton

CV: An actual prince from a faraway land, Friederich has everything: royal connections, impressive title, curly blonde hair, great blue jackets. He is handsome and truly kind, wanting only the best for Daphne, even if that is not him. Hopefully, he finds someone as kind as he is to settle down with and have that family he so wants. 

Ranking: Best of Daphne’s suitors not named Simon.

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings

Status: Bridgerton-adjacent

CV: Simon is a dashing duke with secrets, which everyone knows is the best kind of duke to be. He’s handsome, rich, and like Mr. Darcy, his supposed haughtiness is cover for a mild case of social awkwardness. Simon has overcome real challenges his life, and he appreciates Daphne for herself, as well as her mean right hook. He’s Anthony’s best friend, so once they get over the whole “married your sister and kinda broke her heart for a second” thing, Simon will surely integrate seamlessly into the larger Bridgerton clan. 

Ranking: Best of the Bridgerton husbands so far.


Colin Bridgerton

Status: Born Bridgerton

CV: The himbo of the Bridgerton boys, Colin is the youngest of the “old” Bridgertons, fresh out of university and embarking on his career as one of the idle rich. He longs for adventure and falls easily for pretty girls who laugh at his jokes. He has the great good sense to be Penelope Featherington’s friend, though he’s too wrapped up in his own drama to see Penelope for who she really is. Colin could use a little more time to percolate, he’s still quite boyish and more apt to make a mess than fix one. Nice singing voice, though. 

Ranking: A cute dum-dum.

Anthony Bridgerton, Viscount Bridgerton

Status: Eldest Bridgerton

CV: Anthony is the difficult Bridgerton boy. He bears responsibility for his family, which he SAYS he takes seriously, but he can’t stop running off to bang the hot opera singer at every opportunity. He also has an appalling approach to handling Daphne’s suitors, which is to say: he thought Lord Berbrooke was a good idea. Anthony’s saving grace is that over the course of the season, he learns to back off and let his siblings manage their lives, though he was totally right that Colin was not making a wise decision about Marina. Plus, he’s just enough of an idiot to declare he intends to marry without love, which is just ASKING for a clever, sharp-tongued lass to walk into his life and turn it upside down. 

Ranking: Second-best Bridgerton boy.


Benedict Bridgerton

Status: Born Bridgerton

CV: Benedict is a secret artist, who is trying to find his own path in a world that won’t let him have a proper career. Like Eloise, Benedict chafes against the boundaries of polite Regency life, though he is more patient than her, and so blends in with society better. He’s the best at handling all the various Bridgerton personalities, from Anthony’s and Eloise’s tempers to Colin’s impetuousness. Benedict is the most liberal of the Bridgertons, mixing with the “Bloomsbury set” of artists and artisans introduced to him by Henry Granville. He also takes the revelation of Granville’s same-sex relationship quite well, given the overall repression of that historical society (Benedict Bridgerton: Regency ally). Generally, Benedict rolls with all the punches and causes no extraneous drama of his own. Benedict is the kind of sexy, sensitive romantic hero who will one day sweep a deserving, if undervalued, heroine off her feet. 

Ranking: Best Bridgerton boy.