She’s the one I’ve been alluding to the whole time when asking the question – why are you there if you’re not there to play?

Joanna described it as a state dinner dress. She’s right. Reese Witherspoon, in this red column, is going to the White House. It’s a fine dress for a White House dinner. The MET Gala is not a White House dinner. Not when Rihanna’s dress is eating the staircase and everyone else is growing crowns. Not when Solange is walking around with an oyster stuck to her chest. Not when SJP – oh and we’ll get to her – is blocking everyone’s view, even though she’s the shortest one there.

And there’s Reese Witherspoon in a strapless doesn’t-matter-the-designer because…really… what does it matter? Are you going to remember it?

This is why she’s the #1 offender on my Worst List. Because it’s just such a waste. I’m not just bored, I’m bored FOR her.