She deserves some acknowledgement for it, unlike those other hipster scraggly hair skinny girls stomping around with nothing to sustain them but a pocketful of ecstasy. Reese Witherspoon at Coachella with Jake Gyllenhaal actually hit up the food stand. And came away with a huge plate. Good girl.


Please don’t start with that boring baby talk. Please let it be ok for a famous woman to have a food bump, especially a famous woman who actually eats and then isn’t afraid to slip into a bikini – click here for the photos.

Reese and Jakey were also seen later on getting cuddly at the Jenny Lewis set. Unfortunately for us, they did not run into his ex girlfriend Kirsten Dunst who showed up at the festival with her brother (not the dude pictured) and some friends and belongs to the aforementioned scraggly hair skinny girl crowd that most certainly would not help themselves to chili fries.

On the subject of chili fries – would you go for chili fries at Coachella? Outside? Portable toilets? I would never.

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