In 2007, ten years ago, Reese Witherspoon was freshly divorced. She was single. She’d won an Oscar (for her performance in Walk The Line) and she showed up at the Golden Globes in a yellow Nina Ricci and it’s the way I’ll always see her, my favourite way of seeing her, even though she’s not always my favourite.

That was without a doubt her best style era. I keep coming back to the word “fresh”, but that’s the one that applies. Everything felt so new, so renewed, her choices were crisp, not edgy, but always interesting, and still completely complementary to her personality.

It’s been a decade. And it’s been years since Reese Witherspoon has worn anything on a red carpet that feels “fresh”. Instead, in 2017, what we’ve getting is this yellow dress. Even the shade of the yellow is tired. That yellow can’t get out of bed. That yellow is a yawn. That yellow wants to retire.

I refuse to believe that these are Reese Witherspoon’s only options. She has a great body. She has the best access. So the only explanation here is intention. Reese Witherspoon has decided that this is how she wants to be seen. She’s self-styling to an image. The image: matron. As in elder stateswoman. As in grande dame. Of Hollywood. Reese the producer. Reese the power player. And the corresponding wardrobe, I guess? Not sure why a power player can’t wear an interesting dress. But if that’s the case we’ll never have 2007 again.