The ELLE Women in Hollywood event was last night. Reese Witherspoon was honoured. Her friend Chelsea Handler presented to her. Handler decided to make a joke about the time Reese and her husband Jim Toth were arrested – Toth for DUI and Reese for being a dick to a police officer.

"Personally, as a true friend, my favorite project of hers was an overlooked short film that she made earlier this year. She plays a very inebriated housewife defending her inebriated husband. And if you haven't seen it, you can go on YouTube.”

Still going with that “Reese isn’t a c-nt, she was just protecting her husband” excuse then.

As for Reese’s reaction?

According to E!, Reese was “doubled over” with laughter at the joke and Toth was rather amused too. Is this funny?

In fairness to her, at an event like this, if she’d sat there stone-faced we would have said she was humourless. Having said that, if it hadn’t been Reese dropping the “do you know who I am” on the Atlanta cop, but someone on Chelsea’s sh-t list, would she be so cavalier about it? Or would she get on stage during one of her standup routines and call her a c-nt?

Not that into Reese’s dress but her makeup last night was amazing.