Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were both in New York last night at the same club. And people are, once again, trying to suggest like it could be a situation. What situation? Enough already. You know why? Because Leo actually speaks to Rihanna. And when he’s f-cking someone, he’s not interested in what she has to say. I know you know this. Nina Agdal was there too. That seems more likely to me and a better place to spend your energy.

Leo’s been in the news this week because people are criticising him for being an environmental hypocrite. Apparently he flew from Cannes to New York for an environmental awareness event and then back to Cannes, all on private jets, over a day and a half. A source close to Leo supposedly explained that he was invited to two charity functions and just hitched a ride on jets that were travelling in those directions anyway so… no (more) damage done.

Whatever. I mean I don’t know why we’re starting now with his luxury lifestyle. It’s not like he’s just picked up the habit of living large. The source’s defence of Leo that flying private was the only way he could make both events in Cannes and in New York was hilarious though. Because Leo was already in New York before he went to Cannes. Click here for a refresher – he was hanging out with a new model. He flew to Cannes early to party for the weekend. Then he flew from Cannes BACK to New York for the environmental event and then straight back to Cannes for the amfAR gala. If conserving was really on his mind as a priority, why not skip the first leg of the Cannes trip and just go after the New York environmental gala?