Rihanna hosted a block party in New York last night. And it was the fourth night in a row that she hung out with Travis Scott who performed at the event. They seemed very close all night and word is they’re definitely hooking up but haven’t yet put any labels on whatever it is that’s going on between them, if it’s anything more than just Cool For The End Of The Summer. We saw her earlier this summer with soccer player Karim Benzema, similar situation. They went out several nights in a row, in New York and LA. And then it was done. Same could happen with Travis by next week.

So let’s talk about her blue lips instead. I love her in a blue lip. It doesn’t even look all that shocking to me. Would you try a blue lip? I might have to. And it’s not the kind of thing that you know, right away. I feel like with a blue lip, for the first time, you have to sit with it for an hour, get used to it. Because part of the process is your brain adjusting to having blue on your mouth. Once it happens, I wonder if it’ll just feel like your favourite dark red.