So there’s the Taylor Swift way of doing things, which is to sit in the audience the whole time because they pretty much told her she was going to win everything. With as many friends as possible. And then there’s the Rihanna way of doing things. Which is to not sit in the audience. And show up to perform. And not take any pictures with anyone. And not hang with anyone. Because, as Taraji P Henson said, that’s just the boss that she is.

Rihanna doesn’t need to be collected. And she doesn’t need to collect.

Well. No. She does need to collect. HER MONEY.

Money is green. Is that why the green? I love the obnoxiousness of the green. If your song is called Bitch Better Have My Money, you’re not singing it in an Oscar De La Renta dress.

As for the performance – I enjoyed seeing some choreography from Rihanna. But it started off strong and kinda fell flat. Not sure she even bothered continuing to sing/rap by the end of it.