What do they have in common?


My bad – I did not look closely at the photos yesterday before posting after viewing them in thumbnail size only before downloading…

Many of you emailed to point it out: 

RDJ is wearing at least 2 inches, if not more. Just like Tom Cruise. 

I’ve attached additional photos here. 

Everything else, it looks great. Pants fit beautifully, shirt fits beautifully, he’s chill and cocky and amazing per usual…

But can you get past the boots? 

I just…

I am finding it very difficult. 

So how tall is RDJ? 

He’s listed at 5 ft 9. They all lie on their listings, trust. On a good day, on a supernaturally lengthy day he’s 5 ft 9. On a regular day when the ruler isn’t being stretched, he’s probably more like 5 ft 8. 

His co-star Gwyneth Paltrow however is 5 ft 9. You’ve seen G in photos. You know she’s not wee. And they were shooting together yesterday. And, as Pepper Potts, she’s all about those heels. And in those heels she’s close to 6 ft. So of course he’d need a little help to even things out. It’s not like he pulls them out for children’s birthday parties, right? 

But I will admit – I am a heightist. There is no justification for this being short myself and still, we all have preferences. I prefer them tall. This is because the short men of my romantic past were f-cking disgusting. Actually, most men of my romantic past were f-cking disgusting. Some men of my romantic past were short. All men of my romantic past were short and disgusting? Why am I rewriting my LSAT? 

Sorry to digress…

The point – it’s not a fried rice day being reminded of RDJ’s stature illustrated by customised lifts that John Travolta wants for himself. Quiver breaker. 

I however am shallow and judgy. Hopefully your love for him can withstand the high heels.


Photos from Wenn.com and SHINN/Bauergriffinonline.com