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Have heard from several sane, non fangirl, non fanmom (who are even worse, really) in the business attendees at last night’s Twilight premiere and it’s unanimous: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the film, the chemistry, their vibe, it’s electrifying, and in their estimation and these are not my words: “It’s the new Notebook.”

As in McGosling. As in what you see onscreen you’ll want in real life. For them to get together… which, like Rachel and Ryan, could be a possibility. Click here if you missed the exclusive details about their awkward interview.

Only Twilight fans might just be crazier than Notebook ones.

Which is why the stars were surrounded by it last night on the carpet. Mass hysteria.

More importantly though, am also told that the movie is actually better than the book. Because while they did keep some cheese – ugh, apparently forced to by Stephenie Meyer, of course! – without the author’s assy writing, and without the constant “DAZZLING’, the story is allowed to entertain. Very encouraging.

Also encouraging – the two leads and their attitudes towards the entire Twilight phenomenon. As you know, Rob was never Edward for me and this has turned out to be a good thing. Edward is a sappy loser. Better still, Rob has acknowledged Edward to be a sappy loser, and has also called Stephenie Meyer’s “mad”, in not so many words describing her the way critics of the series have as well: the vanity of her poor disguised “Bella” and being in love with Edward her sexual fantasy but also her creation, therefore being in love with herself! Video is below.


Same goes for Kristen who notoriously refused some of Meyer’s dialogue. According to the director:
''We had to rewrite and improvise a lot of the most intense scenes, because Kristen will not say something if she doesn't feel good about it.”

Explained Kristen:
''I had some of the corniest lines I've ever had in this film,'' says the actress, who was keen to tone down some of the over-the-top declarations of ''I will die for you!'' love. ''We were so awkward saying those lines. Catherine was like, 'Just feel it and say what comes to you.'''

Better still, Kristen is also very aware of the lunacy of the Twilight public:
“It's just surreal to be a crucial part of a machine like this. 'I'm sort of the vessel. The book is what it is because of these girls' obsession with [Edward] through me. If I wasn't right, I'd be persecuted, and put on a cross.''

She further drives the point home in a recent interview with MSN with a poor choice of vocabulary, a stupid use of the word, and yes she totally should know better and be nailed for it though it doesn’t mean her scathing criticism of the superfans isn’t true:

“I just didn’t pay attention. I was like, ‘You guys are celebrating something that has not come true yet. So, you are really retarded and have nothing to do with this creative process and I really don’t want to hear you celebrate in front of me. Get out of here! It’s my responsibility!’” You can go online and it’s very intangible. I mean, who knows how many of these girls there are? It’s probably just the same five girls going on every message board and gabbing on about it. But to have literally, like, a room of over 5,000 people screaming at you makes you want to cry. It’s not like, ‘Oh, this is so great.’ I think it’s literally like an instinct. To have that sort of energy forced at you? You start to wither.”

And that was when I fell in love with Kristen Stewart. She’s a bitch. Bitches are the best.

Kristen > Bella

And while we’re at it…

Rob > Edward!

Check out Rob and Kristen from last night and also Cam Gigandet, my quiveration preference.

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