So Twilight was in Toronto on Saturday for an interview up with us at eTalk before heading downstairs to MuchMusic. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, and Nikki Reed were greeted by hundreds of hysterical teens and moms drunk on Stephenie Meyer’s sh-tty ass writing…

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In case you haven’t heard, the movie opens Friday. Ugh. I will see it. I have to see it. I am filled with self loathing.

Having said that, it is our hope that the film will be better than the books, simply because Stephenie Meyer’s grating, vain, obnoxious obvious cheese might not be all over it.

In fact, some of the lines were so ridiculous, Kristen Stewart refused to say them, prompting edits and adjustments to the dialogue thereby, hopefully, taking away some of the sickening Rossum that spewed forth from Stephenie’s pen.

What does translate however is the chemistry between the two leads, Edward and Bella, and it’s a theme that has been widely publicised throughout this promotional whirlwind – Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together are magic. Magic.

But what about in real life?

In real life on Saturday he was lovely, consistent with what we observed in April when I was on set with the cast in Oregon. Click here to read the article. He is friendly, he has great manners, he approaches on his own, unprompted “Hi, I’m Rob” without the usual reluctance towards the media so commonly found among his peers. Totally overwhelmed with the attention, he told our producers he’s still unprepared for the orgiastic reactions but is also still able to joke around about his new fame, self deprecating about his heartthrob status.

Our offices are bordered by glass windows that look out over the street. When he was at eTalk, the crowd was already in a frenzy. And he remembered a recent appearance where the venue manager, for liability reasons, begged him not to go near the glass.

Our team did not have such concerns. A production member actually dared him to do it, and so he did. He stood at the window and waited for them to notice. And they noticed. And they went batsh-t. And he and the rest of his castmates ran around up and down like that for a while until they became self conscious of our cameras shooting them.

So about Rob and Kristen. Rob has been very gracious in answering questions about his perceived “method” crush on Kristen during filming. Apparently he’d propose to her all the time and she’d blow him off – something he has openly acknowledged, something he laughs about, something he’ll roll with just because he’s amused by it too.

The buzz around them is that when they are interviewed alone, without each other, they are completely natural, totally eat ease, and speak wonderfully of each other. However when they are together it gets weird and awkward. Weird and awkward. Everyone’s observation on Saturday was weird and awkward.

On Saturday during our interview, Kristen could not look at Rob. She was so nervous, she was trembling, she was blushing, she was painfully uncomfortable. Off camera it was all she could do to stay away from him, clinging to Rachelle and Nikki, almost afraid to be left alone with him.

Then there was that moment when we were rolling and she was asked about Rob’s audition, when she knew that he was Edward. It took place on the director’s bed. Needless to say – it was a hot situation. While describing her chemistry with Rob and why she enjoys working with them and why he was such a great partner, as he looked on beside her intently waiting for her answers, she stumbled and stammered, becoming more and more embarrassed, still incapable of meeting his eyes, especially when he jokingly pressed her on her explanation that “Rob for the most part cannot lie”.

In analysing it afterwards, and watching back the tape, to us it was the textbook behaviour of a girl – to borrow from Stephenie Meyer – in love with a guy trying desperately not to show it. Finally they changed the subject.

Of course it was adorable.

But …

She didn’t think so. For whatever reason, she was mortified about those few minutes. And I can tell you exclusively that immediately after the interview, she requested that the segment be removed from the cut piece. Which means it will not air.

If there’s nothing there, why get rid of it, right?

Kristen has a boyfriend. She’s been with him forever. Photo attached of the two together back in LA this weekend. But to all those Twilight superfans who are pining for a real life romance between the actors playing Edward and Bella, it’s probably not a stretch to believe in the possibility.

And if I were to indulge in a little squealing myself, they would totally make a great couple.

Saturday night they went for dinner at Nota Bene on Queen, all of them taking ciggie breaks together every half an hour, before piling into a limo at 11:30pm, super chill vibe…though not the case the next day.

Sunday they flew from Toronto to LA all four of them together seated in executive class. When word got out to the people in coach that the Twilight cast was up in the front, those kids were actually bombarded with autograph requests almost the entire flight.

Like…would you ever???

Rush first class to harass a celebrity???


eTalk is running the interviews all week. See for yourself if you can spot the nervousness.

Here they are, arriving in LA on Sunday in advance of the premiere tonight.

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