Radar Online reported the other day that Robert Pattinson showed up with a mystery brunette at some party on the weekend and they were all over each other. Click here for a refresher. Gossip Cop – at press time 10am Wednesday 25 September – still hasn’t posted Pattinson’s publicist side of the story (a denial).

He was also photographed on the weekend with a ‘mystery brunette at the gym. She doesn’t seem unhappy to be photographed.

And today…


LIFE & STYLE – which is always wrong – is reporting that a couple of weeks ago, Pattinson was seen at the Viper Room with…


I told you that was interesting, see? When Robin Wright showed up at the Emmys with Dylan and Hopper? Click here to remember the photos. I just noticed she’s wearing a rosette at the hip. We need to find that girl some better fashion if she’s going to be Robert Pattinson’s next girlfriend.

So, while we wait for Pattinson’s people to call Gossip Cop to shut down this story, let’s briefly explore a world in which we might see the child of Sean Penn, the celebrity who hates the paps the most, dating an actor who is papped ALL THE TIME.

This is a gift.