Last year Sasha coined a term in relation to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: “rich hippy”. My friend A, though, made a good point when she said that Pattinson and Stewart aren’t hippies so much as hobos. Fine, then. Rich hobos.

Last night RPattz’s rich hobo-ness was on display at the People’s Choice Awards and you know, I’m throwing a flag. I know the PCAs are a popularity contest joke, and I’m not asking him to take it super seriously… but dude, c’mon. The night is about thanking your fans and giving back some appreciation to the people that made you this successful in the first place. Showing up in jeans and a wrinkled shirt—even if it is Marc Jacobs—is not acceptable. Especially at 25. You could kinda sorta get away with it at 22 because you could work that boozy collegiate vibe, but at 25 you should be a full grown adult.

The problem here is that Pattinson’s peers showed up in suits. He is so wildly underdressed it’s kind of offensive. Like, I’m upset for his fans (even if they aren’t upset themselves, because everything he does is ever so charming). Everything about his clothing choice says, “I don’t give a sh*t about anything to do with tonight.” He doesn’t need to show up in a three piece suit with the shiny wingtips—although Zachary Levi, Corey Monteith and Neil Patrick Harris all worked sharp, full-on suits—but some proper effort for dressing to appear on TV and say thank you to your fans would be nice. Take Matt Bomer, Paul Wesley and Liam Hemsworth, who all went with more casual, no-tie looks, which I think fit the occasionally nicely. They’ve hit the right mark between putting in the effort and not overdressing.

Last year Kristen Stewart attended the PCAs along with Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. She gets a lot of flak for being ungrateful, unappreciative, surly, et cetera. She’s supposed to be the one who doesn’t give a sh*t and disdains everything to do with fame and publicity. But when she hit the PCAs she did so wearing a pretty awesome dress, fully styled and made up. If she, the “ungrateful” one, can pull herself together and make an honest effort to look nice for her fans, surely Pattinson can, too.

I can already hear you yelling. We like him because he dresses like this. It’s the PCAs, no one cares. Fine to the first and well, no, obviously everyone else cared enough to dress up to the second. (Lainey: and you cared enough to vote for him to win!) What’s at stake here is Pattinson’s future. No one made him go to the PCAs. This is Robert Pattinson without studio input and interference. He chose to accept the invite and then he showed up looking like he thinks he’s doing the world a favor just by rolling out of bed that day. This look might be fine for you, but if you want him to have a meaningful career several years down the line, these are the sorts of missteps he can’t afford to make. There are people who watch these types of things and judge an actor’s “brand” from them. What is Robert Pattinson’s brand here? Sloppiness? Is this what you want your hundred million dollar project depending on?

You know who isn’t making this mistake? Channing Tatum, who is rapidly outpacing all the other young guys for legitimate movie stardom. When I look at Robert Pattinson, I don’t see Channing Tatum. I don’t see a man ready to be a Movie Star.

(Lainey: Sarah was a lot nicer about this than I would have been. Those pants are a slap in the face.)