Robin Wright and Sean Penn were seen together in New York this week. They flew in to JFK together and then they headed to the same apartment together. Of course they have children so it doesn’t mean that they’re a thing again. But, you know, they could totally be a thing again.

Robin’s last relationship was with Ben Foster. He’s now engaged to Laura Prepon and they’re expecting. Sean was with Charlize Theron until she allegedly ghosted him – although she denies it. Before that though, it didn’t seem like Robin and Sean were all that close. Remember his interview with Esquire back in 2012? And how he talked about divorce and “fraud” and how, poor Sean, he never felt like he was ever truly loved? Sean Penn, capable of the biggest love, has never found anyone who can love as hard as he can.

I feel like he and Robin loved pretty hard though. Theirs was a volatile relationship. They each filed for divorce and then cancelled it. It took a few tries before the divorce actually stuck. When it did stick, after he moaned about how unloved he was, she took a different route, saying that she preferred not to drag him and their marriage because their kids were the ultimate gift from their history but … there was also this, as told to Vanity Fair, when she was with Ben Foster, two years ago

“I’ve never been happier in my life than I am today. Perhaps it’s not ladylike [to say], but I’ve never laughed more, read more, or come more than with Ben. He inspires me to be the best of myself. There’s so much to learn. It’s endless. How great! It took me a long time to grow up. Love is possible as life is possible.

According to Robin Wright, Ben Foster gave her more orgasms than Sean Penn. That’s her FACT, documented on the record. Now imagine you’re Sean f-cking Penn. And your ex-wife just told Vanity Fair that another man, a younger man who came after you (no pun intended), gets it done better than you. Would you want a second chance?

Again, I’m not saying Robin and Sean are back together. But if they ARE back together, you can understand (one of the reasons) why he’d want to be, right? What’s her reason though?