The first trailer for La La Land is out, and it manages to look simultaneously twee and melancholy. It’s a musical starring everyone’s favorite fake couple Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and is from the writer/director of Whiplash, so it’s got a serious pedigree, which is why it’s coming out in December. Whiplash was not only a sleeper hit but also acquired plenty of Oscar polish, so no doubt Lionsgate is hoping for a repeat trip in 2017.

They’ll probably get Golden Globe nominations because the HFPA is a bunch of starf*ckers and also, they have a “musical” category. The Oscars, though, who knows. It doesn’t really feel like a year in which a movie about a couple of pretty white kids falling in love to tunes is going to be central to the conversation, you know? That said, Chazelle has already proven a tremendous filmmaker, and I won’t bet against him. I’m just not putting him at the top of the list, either.

The trailer is pretty but moody, despite the overall colorful impression it makes. I don’t like musicals but there’s something about the combination of bright and dark that’s appealing to me. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t feel like this musical will ignore the intrinsic negative aspects of the story in favor of maintaining tempo.

We don’t get a ton of story information, but Stone is playing an actress and Gosling a musician, and they’re young and in love in a town that eats youth for breakfast and sh*ts on love before lunch. So their romance is probably doomed, but at least we get another outing with Gosling and Stone on film. They’re probably going to go down as one of the all-time great screen couples.

So, how long before people start petitioning for Gosling to play Sky Masterson?